POU is Innovative

According to latest data from International’s leading global food and drink consultant Zenith, the innovative Point of Use (POU) service has grown steadily since its launch in the market 10 years ago. Gradually the ecological and convenient service displaces the delivery of standard 19l. plastic bottles, and nowadays is the leading solution for more than half of European companies.

Statistics shows:

50% POU market share for 2018 -> 55% forecast for 2020

50% standard plastic bottles market share in 2018 -> 45% forecast for 2020

POU is Eco

In recent years, the theme of Ecology has been increasingly discussed worldwide. The main reason for this is the catastrophic consequences of human activity.


Eco Water Solution gives you the opportunity to take an active part in the fight for environmental protection by quit using these plastic 19l. bottles, If we don’t need them there will be no need for their production, transport and logistics (no CO2 emissions).

POU is profitable

Providing drinking water for the workplace is the first and most important unit in the social policy of each company. However, with the standard bottled water service, there are a number of additional costs for: sanitizing the appliance, processing a rolled-up deposit, paying for lost / stolen bottles, and most importantly, the time resources of orders, acceptance, storage and dispatching of the bottles.


With POU all these inconveniences disappear. instantly and we will prove it with two elementary examples in which as you will notice, the above mentioned additional costs are not included, and we will only compare the price for bottled water in 19l. bottles with the fixed monthly subscription (rent) for the filtering device:

Total monthly expenses for water:

for 1 month 25 employees drink 15pcs. х BGN 6 / pc. = BGN 90.

for 6 months 25 employees drink 90pcs. х BGB 6 / pc. = BGN 540.

for 12 months 25 employees drink 180pcs. х BGN 6 / pc. = BGN 1080.

for 1 month 25 employees drink unlimited x BGN 59/ POU = BGN 59 (BGN 31 cheaper).

for 6 months 25 employees drink unlimited. х BGN 59 / POU. = BGN 354 (BGN 186 cheaper)

for 12 months 25 employees drink unliited х BGN 59 / POU = BGN 708 (BGN 372 cheaper)


POU is Convenient

No stocks monitoring
(is there water in the office and for how long it will take)

No orders
(no daily calls and confused orders)

No deliveries
(no need of employee to accept the order)

No storage of full and empty bottles
(all available areas are used)

Do not carry heavy bottles
(again the client’s commitment that drops off)

No payroll for turnover
(no extra costs for lost / stolen bottles)

DO NOT sanitize dispensers
(extra cost over 3-6 months)

You get an unlimited amount of clean and tasty water

 Pleased and motivated employees

POU is Healthy

POU water filtration devices are modern, innovative and functionally improved machines where hygiene is brought to an unprecedented level. This is a “hermetically sealed system” that isolates 100% of the risk of water contamination by contact with the hand (a source of bacteria and microorganisms), an oxygen environment, and the release of carcinogenic substances from a reaction with plastic as is usually the case with the standard service with contaminated dispensers and shipping bottles or improper storage.


For POU, the water comes directly from the water supply network, the is water adapted for direct consumption, on which each water company examines the composition and cleanliness every 24 hours. The only possible source of contamination is the pipeline network for which we have a solution – a POU integrated 5-stage purification system that removes 99.99% of contaminants such as sand, rust, chemicals, heavy metal pesticides and others.


Detailed information on the uncompromising clean and tasty water can be found in the separate section TECHNOLOGY.


It is here that the POU’s main task is to regain the optimal water quality through high-end filters selected by our specialists according to your geographical area, hardness, pH of the water and other special features.

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